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Character4ge Redux

In Character4ge on April 21, 2010 at 12:33 am

Character4ge Redux will not upgrade over the current Character4ge. It will be a seperate product. I had to ponder this for weeks. The reasons are the following:

Character4ge Redux is a complete rewrite.

  • The backbone of the app is completely different. The database has received such a huge overhaul that it is no longer compatible with the current Character4ge. Making a character upgrade successfully to Character4ge Redux would have been too tricky.
  • The interface is different…radically so.
  • A lot of automation has been lost in favor of flexibility. Some may still find the current Character4ge adequate for their characters but 4e rules have so many exceptions at this point that automation was becoming a hinderance in some cases.
  • I’ve spent over 3 months on this upgrade and need a new source of income to pay for the development and future upgrades.

Thus, the upgrade cannot be forced onto you.

With that in mind, I hope that you will be willing to shell out just a bit more for a much, much improved Character4ge. If you feel cheated for having to pay more for this new version, send me a proof of your purchase and I will give you a promo code when Character4ge Redux is out.

Beta screenshots follow (some of it subject to change):

  1. I’ve run across a bug, or something similar, with the Druid at-will power Grasping Tide. It appears to be using the skill data for something else, something encountery and Psionic. And there’s not a way that I can see to add a skill manually.

    Otherwise, this is a great app! I love the dedication you’ve put into it!

    • I’ll check into it. Are all your other skills displaying the right info?

      Edit: On inspection, I think the at-will druid power you’re looking for may be ‘Grasping Earth’.

  2. I noticed that when setting up a character in the app, especially one with a large number of abilities, that the application will steadily slow down and eventually crash after searching for and choosing 3 to 4 abilities. I imagine this is some sort of memory issue and may just be my particular phone, but I wanted to let you know. I am using the 3G iPhone with OS version 3.1.3.

    Also, it seems that when I have multiple characters saved, the Event screens have a few issues. First off, the experience is not being saved on a per-character basis. Secondly, on the first character I configured, I see all the weapons for both characters I entered. For the second character, I see the weapons for that character and one weapon from the first. Powers, stats, attacks, defenses, armor, and skills do not seem to have any issues.

    Aside from that, I’m enjoying the application tremendously. The only feature I would like to see added is some way for wizards to designate which Daily and Utility powers are currently prepared. Please let me know via e-mail if you need any more information regarding the issues.

    • @Garnod, yes, I’ve noticed some crashes caused by memory leaks. I’m working on an update that will fix some (or all) of the crashes and fix some performance issues.

      The XP and weapon problem has been fixed in the upcoming update. It will probably be submitted to Apple by the end of the week and be available sometime early next week.

      edit: Actually, I went ahead and pushed the update with the fixes to XP and weapons to Apple a few minutes ago. Those bugs were severe enough to warrant a quick fix. So the next update should show up soon on the App Store (hopefully *before* the weekend). It only fixes the XP and weapon problem…the crashes caused by memory leaks and the performance problems will be fixed in a future update since they may take a bit more time to iron out.

      You will need to manually change each of your character’s XP since the XP was not being saved correctly.

      The weapons issue will be fixed without any need to do anything since they were being saved correctly but the code was simply not making any distinctions between characters when it was displaying them.

  3. Today the update is still “Waiting to be reviewed”. Just to show you how ridiculously long the review process is with Apple. I’m at Apple’s mercy…I wish it weren’t this way.

  4. How do I increase level and make Paragon Path blank again?

    • You can increase the level in the Event tab, by clicking on the top-right button and adding the appropriate XP. In a future update, it will be possible to set the level directly (with the XP set to the appropriate amount for that level).

      Can’t set the Paragon Path blank in the current version. I will add a way to make it blank in the next update.

      • Cool,

        I have been doing powers but the powers I have picked are not on the powers list. I have noticed that they are all from Dragon Magazine 367. Can you make the option for us to type in a power?

  5. How can I add a shield to a character?
    Again, if FAQ’s from Wizards change a power, is it possible to update the database in order to follow the changes?

    Thanks a lot and compliments for Character4ge Redux (last update runs OK on iPad too)!


  6. How do you switch between different saved characters

  7. Hi, I’ve buy your app recently and created a character information in that. But I found out that when I choose my class to Psion Telepathy Focus, there’s no information in profile->class page. But, there’s information for both Psion Telekinesis Focus and Psion Telepathy Focus, when I choose Psion Telekinesis.

    I think this maybe some kind of bugs?

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