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Character4ge Redux Feature Requests

In Character4ge on May 4, 2010 at 1:33 pm

Character4ge Redux (Future Features) – which feature is most important to you?

  1. how do i send wish list? i’ll do it here… 🙂

    (reviewer using app on iphone 3s)

    full-fledged combat tracking (for impromptu encounters during long car ride!):
    – encounter line up and initiative order
    – damage rolls to target and damage adjustment to target hp

    powers (to add in event tab):
    – weapon/implement powers
    – armor powers
    – item powers
    – feat
    – racial powers (e.g. dragon breath)
    – class abilities (e.g. backstab)

    – ability to add bonuses/penalties to attack/damage rolls
    – death saves, temp hp, second wind, surges left — like in older version; very useful
    – breakdown info window (e.g. click on fortitude or ability in older version to see breakdown — add same feature for attack/damage)
    – create icon or way to indicate “dice roll available,” like initiative in older version
    – bring back equipment illustration (or similar) from older version — very user-friendly and cool, also good for quick glimpse
    – option to increase level without entering xp, and xp-to-level would automagically adjusted

    • Item (weapon, armor, etc.) powers are eventually coming. I’m still trying to come up with a good solution for items that have multiple powers (i.e. items that have both an At-Will and an Daily power).

      Adding bonuses/penalties to attack/damage rolls didn’t make the cut for the initial release. It is coming eventually also. This is another one I want to try to get right. Ideally, I’ll make an interface that allows a player to state whether he/she has combat advantage or state what condition the target is in (i.e. prone, unconscious, etc.) but also allow a player to customize the bonuses and penalties manually.

      Temp HP still exists in Redux. Surges left also (albeit, it only shows up when you’re healing…I’ll work on making it show in the Event tab). Second Wind exists, but not in the form some people might expect. It shows up as a power that is ready to be expended. Death saves are coming too.

      I will look into the other feature requests…especially an option to increase level without entering xp and the breakdown info.

  2. IPad version of app.

    • An iPad version may come one day. But at the moment I’m not making enough money with Character4ge Redux to justify the development time and the development expenses (buying an iPad for testing).

      I sell an average of 2 copies of Character4ge Redux per day. Apple pays in increments of 150 dollars per region. About 60% of my sales are in the US, UK and Canada regions. All the other regions represent 40% of my sales. I have yet to get paid for the copies sold in those regions since I haven’t reached 150 dollars in sales in those regions.

      In other words, Apple has only sent me roughly 50-60% of the money I should have. I’ve been selling Character4ge for 6 months now and Character4ge Redux for 1 month…that’s roughly 1000 dollars that I *should* have, but I’ve only been paid 500 dollars so far.

      500 dollars doesn’t even pay for an iPad if you include the taxes.

      I promise that an iPad version will come eventually. If you like Character4ge Redux and would like to see the iPad version come sooner, please spread the word about this app.

      Starting today, I will show the number of copies sold. I will update this every week. I will start working on an iPad version once I’ve reached 2000 copies sold.

      This would give me about 3500 dollars (50% of 7000 dollars): enough to pay for an iPad, justify the time spent on Character4ge Redux, and provide me with the incentive of updating it and its database.

  3. I’d say that 1 thing that I’ve really need would be able to delete characters, powers, feat or even gear. For now, I make a mistake, and I’m stuck with it…

    • To delete, simple swipe your finger on the character, power, feat, or gear you want to delete. The delete button will show up.

      • Thanks. I had not noticed that. It sures does help. BTW, version 1.0.2 hit the app-store this morning and you sure did a lot of polishing on it.

        Much smoother on my iPod 1st Generation 🙂 Cheers!

      • It’s smooth now but I still want it to be even smoother…I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to make it a bit faster and they’ll be coming up in an upcoming release (not the next one but perhaps the one after that.)

  4. How do I switch between different saved characters

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