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Best Before Feature Requests

In Uncategorized on May 6, 2010 at 7:38 pm

I Googled “Best Before App Store” this morning and noticed that an application by that name exists on the Android platform. I have nothing to do with that application. However, I have read some of its reviews.

I haven’t seen any reviews for Best Before yet, but I’m sure someone will undoubtedly bring to my attention that it needs a bar code scanner. Afterall, that seemed to be a popular complaint for Best Before on the Android platform.

First of all, I do not have an iPhone; I have an iPod touch. As bizarre as it may sound, I have no need for a cell phone. That said, I would not mind buying an iPhone for developmental purposes (i.e. to test out camera features). The problem is, it’s a big expense and I’m not exactly making much money off my applications (yet). As much as this may sound like a marketing ploy, I feel like I have no choice but to say it: If you want features like barcode scanning, you’re going to have to do some word of mouth marketing for me. Get people interested in my apps so that I can afford the development expenses.

Furthermore, I’m somewhat unfamiliar with the information that is contained on food item barcodes. Can anyone provide any insight on this subject? A quick Google search revealed nothing interesting. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure foor item barcodes do not reveal any expiry dates.

I’m also iffy about adding a feature that I find unnecessary. I hate feature bloat. I designed Best Before around the idea of rapid input — if barcodes only reveal a product’s name and nothing else, I’m probably not going to add it to Best Before as I feel that typing a few letters will be faster than having the iPhone camera attempt the job of a barcode scanner.

It also explains why I did not add categories or portions to Best Before. They only serve to slow down the input. Color tagging almost didn’t make the cut but in the end I figured that feature was an excellent solution to the lack of a ‘categories’ feature: the user decides what the colors represent (i.e. a food category, a specific area in the fridge, a specific freezer…for those with more than one freezer, etc.)

Do not expect Best Before to become some kind of all-in-one recipe-groceries-fridge organizer. You will be dissapointed if you do.

I do have plans to make Best Before suggest recipes using soon-to-expire (and perhaps items that have very recently expired) by simply submitting a search on few popular web sites.

And I do have plans on adding a way to export the fridge, freezer and pantry lists.

That’s it for the near future.

  1. Hi, there, I just bought your app but can run/open it on my iPhone 4. Do u have a fix for it??? Thanks!!:(

  2. I’ve purchased the app for use on iphone 3GS, and it just shuts down as I try to launch it.

  3. the reviewer at the iTunes store is right: the program will not add items into the Pantry section…I’m feeling kind of ripped off right about now.

    • This bug is fixed in the upcoming version which was sent for approval on the 24th. I have no control over Apple’s “app approval” process. Best Before’s pantry bug would be fixed right now if it wasn’t for Apple’s ridiculous “approval” process. All I know is that Apple almost always takes 8-10 days to approve an app so I’m guessing the update will show up on the App Store in about 5-7 days from now.

  4. I would like to see a note field.
    I would like to be able to add my own expiration date.

    • You can add your own expiration date to items that aren’t part of the base/original database.

      If you add an item that isn’t part of the original database, you can set your expiration date. Once saved, Best Before will ask you if you want to add it to your Favorites. If you choose to add it, the new item will become part of the searchable database and will remember the expiration date you set for it. To change the expiration date, simply choose the item you added from the database and change the expiration date. By doing so, the expiration date will be modified to the new one you have chosen.

      You can remove any item you added to the database from the ‘Favorites’ tab.

      I’ll see what I can do about adding ‘notes’. The original idea for Best Before was to keep things simple but I understand that some people want extra info and don’t mind spending time entering all this extra info. So your feature request has been noted.

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