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Character4ge (char•ac•ter•forge) Redux allows you to store your D&D 4E characters on your iPhone or iPod touch. Character4ge Redux keeps track of your characters’ ability scores, defenses, skills, feats, powers, rituals, equipment, and gives you an overview of the information you need during events such as encounters or skill and ability challenges.

Character4ge Redux is a complete rewrite of the original Character4ge and thus is offered as a standalone product and not an upgrade to the original.

Several orcs were harmed in the making of this app.


Profile and Stats

Completely redesigned interface! Smoother, sleeker, sexier.

  • The new interface is much more pleasing and natural to use.
  • The sexy new white on black interface rids you of any distractions and is easy on the eyes in low-light environments.
  • Rapidly move through your profile/stats using swipe gestures.
  • Tap an ability score, defense, or skill to edit the bonuses.
  • You can finally track typed bonuses (‘cuz, well, typed bonuses don’t stack and ‘Misc Mod’ just didn’t cut it for tracking multiple typed bonuses.)

Encounters, ability and skill challenges? You'll be spending a lot of your time in the 'Event' tab

  • Track your hit points, your temporary hit points, your experience points. Track them all in one convenient tab called ‘Event’.
  • You’ll be spending most of your time in the ‘Event’ tab during encounters, ability/skill challenges, or just hangin’ out and resting.
  • Wield a weapon to attack with it.
  • Wear a piece of armor to gain its AC bonus and/or Enhancement bonus.
  • Tap an ability score or skill to roll.
More about Event

Swipe through power, use a powers, take damage, receive healing...

  • All your powers, ready to be expended.
  • Character4ge Redux won’t be so bold as its competitors and do a damage roll when you use a power.*
  • Take damage, receive healing, gain temporary hit points, gain experience points.
  • Like Character4ge Classic, Character4ge Redux’s calculator subtracts hit points when you take damage, adds hit points and temporary hit points when you are being healed or using powers that grants hit points, and adds experience points when the DM thinks you’ve earned them.

*The damage roll will be up to the player to make (with his or her own dice.) The reason? Some attack powers can sometimes contain multiple attacks or none at all, or even an attack component that deals no damage, etc. Assuming that a power deals a single damage calculation is not the way Character4ge Redux is going to work. (I may in a future update create a more complex dice roller.)


Your backpack...on steroids.

  • Unlimited backpack space (you decide if you want to play with weight limits.)
  • Carried items sorted alphabetically by slot.
  • Find magic items (from PH1, PH2, PH3, AV1, AV2, Eberron, FR.)
  • No more stupid armor type restrictions when trying to find a magic item. If you want to slap a plate armor enchantment onto your cloth armor, go ahead…I’m not stopping you (and your DM is apparently not stopping you either).
  • Create mundane items.
  • Track quantities (ammunition, rations, etc.)
  • Track your armor and weapon properties. Track your weapon critical bonus.

Yes, you can now track your powers and rituals.

  • Find powers (from PH1, PH2, PH3, Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, Eberron, FG.)
  • Find feats (from PH1, PH2, PH3, Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, Eberron, FG.)
  • Find Rituals.
  1. Is there a way to import a .dnd4e character from the WOTC Character Builder into your app?
    Or perhaps a way to try your app before I buy it?

    Looks awesome though! Well done 🙂

    • There is no way to import a .dnd4e character. I explain why here.

      I suppose I could make a ‘lite’ version of Character4ge Redux though.

  2. Ah, I understand. Those .dnd4e files are really overbearing and wonky, huh?

    A lite version would be awesome, maybe it could be like the DND Character Builder where it only allows characters 1-3 and only Core material? If you wanted more you’d have to buy the full version?

  3. My Eladrin cleric has speed 7 due to base speed 6 plus Fleet-Footed feat (+1 bonus to speed).

    I set Speed to 7 in section Stats of Character4ge Redux, by adding 1 to the Feat Bonus modifier.

    But the Event section shows speed as 6.

    My character wears a Chainmail Eladrin armor (equipped in Character4ge Redux). Chainmail usually bears a speed penalty, but the Eladrin magic attribute cancels it, as of page 230 of Player’s Handbook.

    My guess is that the program misses calculation of Eladrin attribute of Chainmail and incorrectly applies the speed penalty.

    Thanks for the attention and kudos for the eccellent software.


    • Yes, this is the downside of not enforcing specific exceptions to rules. A lot of items will grant player’s exceptions that I won’t programatically be able to keep track of (unless I find a way to market this app and get enough money to hire people to start programming all the different exceptions).

      However, it’s still possible to keep track of it by putting a Misc Mod of -1 in the Stats tab. I know this is not the best solution considering you have to keep track of this Misc Mod being the penalty negation when wearing the Eladrin chainmail but that’s how I’d do it for now.

      I may, in a future update, add a toggle to change the default penalty within the item detail. In other words, you’ll be able to set the armor penalty to 0 for the Eladrin chainmail.

      Does that sound like a good compromise?

      • Adding the toggle to the item in a future update surely would be a great compromise. In my limited experience it’s always better to work on items rather than on rules, because it’s more likely that incorrect situations can be fixed manually.

        This case is a good proof: also several skill values are erroneusly reduced by 1 by adding the chainmail, because its use usually implies such a penalty.

        A toggle on the item would allow to solve the situation much more elegantly than modifying every single skill value, that preludes to other problems when more different adjustments begin to conflict which each other.

        Thanks a lot,


      • I’ll try to squeeze the penalty toggle into the next update. It should also benefit characters that have chosen feats to reduce or remove penalties on certain armor types.

  4. Is there a way to track items powers? Did not find it…

  5. No way to track item powers yet. I’m still trying to find a good solution to item powers.

    Should they be bunched with every other powers or should they be listed elsewhere? These are all design issues I have to think about because almost no one is interested in contributing ideas.

    I thought about creating a forum or at least an article asking for input/feedback but, judging from past experience, the forum or comment section of the article will most likely gather cobwebs, tumbleweeds and crickets.

    However, you’ve been posting a lot so far, so if you have any insights on how you’d like the item powers to be handled, I’m all ears.

    • IMHO item powers should be bunched with other powers, and possibly be searchable when the corresponding item is equipped.

      I’m really willing to put ideas and proposals on the table. It’s difficult though to know in advance the extent of development work you are willing and not willing to do. Maybe it’s due to my ignorance of the internal structure of Character4ge Redux. I guess some basic work is still missing, before such topics like item powers. I.e., I couldn’t find a way to equip my character with a shield. Maybe I just didn’t find it…

      Thanks a lot,


      • Oh, I would make it more automatic than having to search for the powers. I’d make the powers simply show up when the item is equipped. However, things get a lot more complicated than that. Some items do not even need to be equipped for the powers to become available. I’ll have to read the rules again on item powers but I do believe some only need to be on or in reach of a character for the power to become available. This is true of pretty much any wondrous items.

        Shields are arm-slot items. Although I may give shield its own pseudo-category. They will remain an arm-slot item as per the D&D 4E rules but it will be easier to search for shields items.

  6. I guess would be enough if the item power had a toggle. Since Character4ge Redux doesn’t look for maps and characters’ items and position, I think it’s up to the player to toggle an item power as inactive if, maybe, the character moved too far from an item or so.

    I know about shields, but couldn’t simply find them in the app, though I searched every category.

    Thanks very much,


  7. I cannot find shields (regular, mundane shields) in any list – nor in armor nor in equipment.
    Can you help?

    • Shields are considered arm slot armor. In 4E you cannot wear bracers and a shield…it’s one or the other. That said, you can find shield in the arms category. If you want to only see shields, you can type in ‘shield’ when looking for a specific enchantment.

  8. I apologize in advance for being patently stupid, but where am I suppose to tap to equip a character with a shield? Let’s say, for instance, I want to equip my cleric with a Light Shield. I launch Character 4ge Redux, then tap my character’s name and I see his stats, Then? If I tap Items and then Magic Equipment and then write Shield, I am able to see magic shield, but not the Light shield as per Player’s Handbook 4e, page 214. If I tap Mundane Equipment instead, when I write Shield nothing appears…

    • Yes, my same problem exactly – some tap-by-tap instructions would really help!

      Thanks in advance!

      • Hmm…I guess you are both right. I had not thought about mundane shields when I put mundane equipment in the app’s database. I will add mundane shields to it in the next version. And there does seem to be a problem with getting the ‘Light’ and ‘Heavy’ options. That also will be fixed in the next update.

  9. I was putting in a new character and noticed that the Mantle of Elation Ardent does not currently populate anything in the Class section of the profile.

  10. Hi,
    I have a question on using the event tab for tracking damages.

    When I open my character and go to the event tab,
    at first I see a white textbox on top, in between the number of the left (a 0) and the boxed number on the right (my character’s max HPs), but that textbox immediately disappears and I cannot get it to appear again.
    I assume there is where you need to type your current HPs for the encounter, because when I deal damage through the calculator-like interface nothing happens at all in the event tab (i.e. the 0 remains … well a 0, and no points are substracted from my max HPs box either)
    Is this a feature (am I doing something wrong? if so, please advice) or a bug (any known workaronds)? 😉
    thanks much

  11. Hi,
    I have a question on using the event tab for tracking damages.

    When I open my character and go to the event tab,
    at first I see a white textbox on top, in between the number of the left (a 0) and the boxed number on the right (my character’s max HPs), but that textbox immediately disappears and I cannot get it to appear again.
    I assume there is where you need to type your current HPs for the encounter, because when I deal damage through the calculator-like interface nothing happens at all in the event tab (i.e. the 0 remains … well a 0, and no points are subtracted from my max HPs box either)
    Is this a feature (am I doing something wrong? if so, please advice) or a bug (any known workarounds)? 😉
    thanks much

    • Hi Dilvish,
      it’s not a textbox, but a progress bar. To enter any numeric change, use the action menu at top right. Type a new value for XPs and see progress bar change. 🙂

      • Ah, a progress bar, thanks! (BTW, I assume yo mean HPs, not XPs)
        However, I can’t see how damage is dealt. I do use the action menu (top right) this way: I click on “Damage”, input a number, choose a type, and tap “Enter”. But I don’t see any changes on the progress bar or anywhere in the main event screen.
        So, what am I missing out?

  12. Hi, another question …
    I have input multiple characters; is there a way to switch among them without having to close the application and re-open it?
    One of the good features of “redux” is that you can store various characters, and it would be good to have a speedy way to move from one to the other

    • I understand that you cannot change character without closing and reopening the app at the moment.

      • Changing characters without closing the app can be added easily…I opted not to add another tab for this but I can certainly add it if enough people want this feature.

      • I want the ability to change characters as a dm I have to have more then one character on the field so that would be useful

      • For the moment, you have to quit Character4ge Redux.

        A future update will offer this option within the app instead of at launch.

  13. Yes, you’re right, HP, not XP, I apologize.
    When you see the bar in black, it means the program thinks you have zero point. Try add Healing points and should see a white bar.

  14. I’d be delighted to see a tab for changing character sheet without closing the application, but I personally prefer to see work on consistency with rules (and rules updates). Having to choose, I vote for the latter. 😉

    • Alright guys, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      I’m selling on average 1 copy of Character4ge Redux a day. That’s so little revenue that I had to develop other apps and keep selling the old Character4ge app (albeit at a much reduced price) to try to support Redux.

      If you want to see more updates, I urge you to download my free ad-supported iFace app.

      If I get decent revenue (at least 10 dollars a day) from people glancing/clicking at the ads. I’ll be spending half an hour to an hour each day to work on updated rules.

      It will also certainly give me the incentive to release timely updates.

  15. Hey, ever think of doing d&d 3.5? I like the look of. Character forge original, but I’m stickin with 3.5.

  16. Hybrid class support please?

  17. I want to buy your app. Does it or will it include material from the Essentials line? If so, I’ll purchase it in a heartbeat.
    In the meantime, I’ll download your apps with ads, and click them to show my support.

    • It will eventually include material from Essentials. Don’t purchase the app just yet because I’m guessing I won’t be able to add everything from Essentials for at least another month. The support is much appreciated though. And you can check out the lite version of Character4ge Redux (which is also ad supported). It would definitely give me the incentive to work more hours updating Character4ge. 🙂

      @Youngy, hybrid class support is coming also.

  18. Good to hear, thanks for your efforts.

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