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Redux for iPad

Tell your friends about Character4ge Redux. The faster Character4ge Redux sells, the faster the iPad version will be released.

June 21st edit: Not to alarm anyone but, I only sold 17 copies two weeks ago and 13 copies last week. Getting the word out about Character4ge Redux can only help. However, if things stay the same, the iPad version is still more than a year away.

September 1st edit: I haven’t updated this page for over a month. Mostly because sales have really dried up this summer. But I’ve just updated the graph. Looks sad doesn’t it? I am offering a new method to get Redux out to iPad quicker…download my free iAd-supported iFace app… *wink wink*

I will revise the goal in a few weeks depending on how much money I’m making from iAds.

  1. Really Nice App! Performance is kinda ordinary on a 1st-Gen iPod… On my iPad, it is blazing fast… Perhaps you should restrict your application for 2nd/3rd-gen iPods.

    • I’m really trying to optimize it for 1st-Gen iPods (this is what I have right now, so I’m hoping to speed it up with a few tricks.)

  2. Version 1.0.2 sure did improve performance for my 1st-Gen iPod. Therefore much more usable.

    I’m trying to convince my fellow gamers to dump their paper-based character sheet for Redux 🙂 So far, I think I convinced one of them to try it on my iPod (Since I use the app on my iPad).

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I’ve been having trouble getting 1.0.2 running on my iPad (32-gig 3g with no-sim card installed).

    I get the iPhone/iPod border screen and a quick flash of the Redux splash screen then just blank black within the border.

    Are there any known issues with getting Redux going on the iPad?

  4. Ronin, someone else has brought this issue to my attention. I’ve sent an update for approval to Apple, it should be available near the end of the week or early next week.

    Apple’s claim that they approve 95% of updates within 7 days is bull. It regularly takes Apple 8-9 days.

    • Thanks for the update though 🙂 It sure will help the stability on the iPad (I got a 16-gig Wi-Fi. The cheapest of them) and it works somewhat, but 9 out 10, I can’t get it to boot on the iPad.

      Fortunately, I still have my old 1st-gen iPod.

  5. The adoption of the iPod version (Touch and iPhone) may be lower than expected because the actual sweet spot for your app is the iPad where a gamer can actually use it as a full character sheet and then some. I wouldn’t delay the production based on other platform sales or somebody else may beat you to it.

    • It simply doesn’t make any sense for me to spend more time on something that has given me nothing in return.

      Honesly, I don’t even think the iPad is the ‘sweet spot’ considering it only represents about 5% of the total iOS market. Even if I sold 20 times more copies Character4ge Redux for iPad than Character4ge Redux for iPhone/iPod touch, I would be averaging 2 iPad copies a day.

      It simply makes no sense for me to invest so much time and money into this. At 2 copies a day, this app is and will continue to be a loss-leader.

      If developing for iOS was cheap, I wouldn’t mind doing it. However, I’m required to fork $99 dollars a year to Apple to develop for iOS and to test an iPad version of Character4ge Redux, I would need to pay at least $499 for a device that I don’t much care about (especially not in its current state.)

      I really wish things were different. All it takes is a few people to promote this app on forums and/or to friends. But if nobody is even willing to do such a simple action, I’m afraid Character4ge Redux for iPad is doomed to be released late next year (at the current rate.)

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